Comparison 3 Motor Matic: Yamaha Mio, Honda Vario, and Suzuki Spin

Yamaha Mio, Honda Vario, and Suzuki Spin, at first glance it has the same technology. But, whether we will take one of them without consideration. There are good reviews we look at the comparison between the three of the following:

1. Yamaha Mio
Yamaha Mio You could say the Mio is the star of motor matic in Indonesia. How not since its launch to date, the sale of Mio able to boost the share of sales of Yamaha. His presence even makes his brother alias Nouvo become less popular. Funny thing, though destined for the fair sex, Mio proven best-selling purchased the stud. If you're honest, Mio successfully educate the market and bury the image that the motor matic okay to use for daily activities.

Even if there are less than the figure of the Mio is the factor of the fuel tank is cute, so that makes it must often stop at the gas pump. Tank capacity Mio according to the manual''only''3.7 liters - the same as a duck Honda. The problem is, the motor matic tend wasteful because it requires engine speed high enough so that the motor can move - higher than the motorcycle and motor sport. In addition, congenital disease Mio is the sound of rats in the sector, the rear wheels.

From the side of the machine, the Mio is not offering anything new. Mio packed Yamaha with affordable prices - still under the duck. Thrown with two variants in general: spoke wheel and the CW. Since the Mio was the pioneer, the fair when the accessories and spare parts of his bejibun on the market. Including racing parts and patterns of modifications that can be applied to the consumer in the Mio favorite. Moreover, Yamaha opened the contest modifications which make the Mio added many variations modification. From the side of the garage, mechanics Yamaha was first known technology CVT so no need to worry about this bike can not be''managed''by the workshop.

2. Honda Vario

Honda VarioYang this one is very, very skeptical by Yamaha. Understandably, the Vario has everything to crush the Mio dominance in the market. Brings a new type of engine with the radiator, but has a smaller cc under Mio (108 cc). With all the new features offered plus the big name Honda, Honda's output charm matic product was made ngetop even before the motor is seen his form in the country. "Pain Mio" is very strong in this Honda Vario, but there are a few extra that are characteristic included in Honda's first product in Indonesia matiknya this.

From the engine side, prospective buyers should be wary. Despite big names, Honda service network without any doubt, a lot of unpleasant experiences every time the motor manufacturer was launching a new engine technology. Remember the case of MX? Remember Charisma case? Where the technology overhaul with the launch of Honda Karisma, complain immediately to appear. Plus one more, using a radiator cooling technology. Thanks to Yamaha who have made a consumer hot-cold with tercampurnya case of oil with water radiator in the MX. Alert.

Honda predicted the big names were able to eliminate wasteful matic image that motor fuels. Especially with the smaller cc engine from the Mio, it seems that Honda's pursuit of efficiency. Unfortunately, no more frugal frugal when considering Honda Vario carrying the new engine with the radiator. Additional features of the radiator is a hi-tech, but at the same time making any increased maintenance costs. Not to mention, Honda is known for many cases of shortages of spare parts on the market (NSR, Tiger, Charisma, Sonic). Things that often make the consumer frustration.

In terms of mechanical readiness, did not need to hesitate. With all the resources owned by Honda, able to make the mechanics of the entire network can handle the motor matic service. Honda sales price was not cheap and the highest among other Japanese manufacturers. Vario price is almost equivalent to the motorcycle. This certainly could be a hindering factor Vario future sales because it was considered too expensive. Even so, the big name Honda was again able to hypnotize consumers that any price label of origin wing wing logo, of course not a problem.

3. Suzuki spin
Compared to the competitors, the benefits of Spin just one, the greatest capacity of 125 cc. Others considered normal. The form is also more inclined to Mio. With a capacity of only 110 cc matic already feels extravagant when compared to a duck, what if 125 cc? This could be a weakness as well as gains Spin. Speed enthusiast, certainly will choose Spin which has the largest capacity.

Plus points in the period of service offered by Suzuki, a three-year free service and oil change. This is very profitable in difficult times like this. Not to mention about the service and warranty, Suzuki's most reliable from the first. And so brave pioneer among other competitors. So if consumers buy Spin, no dizzy thinking about the service. Moreover, the engine technology is still eleven twelve Step by Shogun 125 series / Arashi by Vega like Mio series / Jupiter series. Not using the radiator. Simple.

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